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Chess interview with AnandOne of the greatest chess players in the world is without a doubt the former World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand. Knowing of hard work, deep understanding of chess and enjoyable chess style, he is one the most popular chess player in the world. On younger years, he was too famous for play very fast, and many of his opponents was it problem wit that too.

He is one of the most popular sports players in India and have been it for many years.

About his style. Anand’s strength are number one how good all rounded player he is. He is very strong in tactics with huge calculates abilities and see the possibilities very quick. He prepares in high quality for all games. Himself have told that in training sessions he train for 9 hours each day.

Anand chessHe comes to all games very self-confidence and trust his intuition. Intuition is very important for all chess players, and it´s important to trust. And if your intuition fails, it´s ok. Just go home and find out what happens and learn from it. Because it´s ok to make a mistake, try just to do not more than once. Keep in mind that all chess players make a mistake, the good players just learn from it!

Last two World Championship finals have been between Anand and Magnus Carlsen. It´s obvious that Anand was in a problem with Magnus Carlsen in both of them, special the first. But he has come strong back with fresh spirit, and it will be interesting to see what the legend do in the future.  Here is a book about their match 2013.

But it´s highly recommended to analyse game from Anand carefully with annotation after strong players and see how he development his games. How he build it up, try to see with good annotation when and why he decided to attack. The best way to do it is too have his pieces in front of you (white pieces if hew had white or black pieces if he had black) and try to guess his moves after 10 moves or so when the first openings moves are finish. It could be difficult in the start but after sometimes you get better and better and on same time be stronger and stronger as a chess player.

But here is a very interesting video with Anand. Enjoy it.

Have you seen Anand play chess live? Share with us in the comments.

Here is very good book about the life and games of Anand

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