How to mate with knight and bishop?

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YourchesstrainngIt is strange situation about mate with knight and bishop. A lot of chess players don´t know hot to do it, even so they would newer admit it! Even strong one. The reasons are probably two.
1) It does not happen so often. In my career, it has only come up twice. So many delay to learn it, sometimes to it is too late.
2) Many chess players think it´s more difficult than it is. And ar not ready to train it.


But the point is that it is not so difficult, you just need to practice it. The method is very clear. Friends can train it together, many play on ICC, and there is a robot where you can training. But number one is to give you time to learn it.

And it´s not useless wasting time. Think about it, you are playing a game, and you know it winning positions because it´s knight and bishop against the king. So it would be a little bit damage on the self-confidence not knowing how to win it. And self-confidence is very important in all sports.
And too, knowing how to do things, not only this winning method, always help because many times you can use the knowing in different positions. Here, winning with knight and bishop mean that you can in many positions warning the opponents that you are playing for this position, and he need to focus on how to damage that plan of you. If you don´t know how to win with this method, it is more likely that you will not play for it and try to get less profit positions up.


To show you how to win this types of positions I will show you a great video about it. The author explains it very well how you mate.
First I want to let you know that it is more or less 100 positions you need to know in the endgame and here is excellent training material about it.

Enjoy the journey

And remember, enjoy the journey on the way to the goal. When you have fun and enjoy the training, you will be better prepared when you are going to play in the tournaments. Plus, keep 100% concentration when you are training. Train with full concentration in 30 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break and come back fresh!

Do you want to share your experience, comment under this video and I will reply before 48 hours. I will be great to hear if you have experience stories!

2 thoughts on “How to mate with knight and bishop?”

  1. The endgame is an important aspect of the chess game.In fact it is the one that can make the difference between two equally strong players.

    My favourite mate is with rook and king , but also this one is another fancy technique and as you said , it does not happen many times.

    Are you playing online and which platform do you use?…It’s almost 2 years since I played.I need some refresh.

    • Yes, this happens not many times but believe me, it can be hard feeling when it come up and the players can´t use the opportunity to win. Even Grandmaster has missed it, but the point is that it don´t take sem much time to learn it. And then it will be one of your dangerous skills.

      I play in FIDE tournaments, not so much in platforms even so I use them for training and testing ideas. The I use and ICC ( ) They are both good with their pros and cons.

      You need to start again; it´s fun 🙂


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