Improve your chess using 20 minutes on day!

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improve your chessYou can improve your chess a lot without spend so much time each day. Just use it wisely! Here is a very good video of one way to do it, similar to the ideas we mention in the article where the interview with Anand was.

It´s best to mix the games with your favorite players but also other players wich have a different style than your favorite players. Then you small but steady build up knowledge on how to play in this and that type of style. Because you need to build up knowledge of tactic but also a positional style of the game as well. On the same time, you need to know how to play against different types of pawn structures and in an open and closed type of games. Using this way you build it up your knowledge small but steady.

Have a look at this video and share with us in the comments if you get knowledge of it or not.


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